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January 3rd, 2017   |   303 ViewsBollywood

Not only father Sonakshi Sinha’s mother was also actress

To many of US actress Sonakshi Sinha’s father, Shatrugun Sinha was an actor. But do you know her mother Poonam was also actress. She was known as Komal in her movies like Jigri Dost, Dil Diwana and others. In 1973 she was cast with Shatrughan Sinha in the movie Sabak. They married in 1980. She left acting for her children. After a long gap of thirty years she reappeared in the film Jodha Akbar (2008) playing the role of Mallika Hamida Banu Begum as the mother of the Emperor Akbar(Hrithik Roshan)...Read More

January 3rd, 2017   |   936 ViewsBollywood

Aishwarya Rai’s daughter sacred of media

Recently Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan with their daughter were returning after celebration of New Year 2017 party. At the airport Aaradhya Bachchan got scared by media reporters present there. A huge mass was focused on them. It was even difficult for the family to take steps. Aishwarya was constantly asking for way. Abhishek was also helping her....Read More

January 3rd, 2017   |   315 ViewsMain News

Kulman Ghising”Bachau Abhiyan”

Kulman Ghising, the managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is now in risk zone. He has solved the problem of load shedding to a great extend. Recently even during the most peak hour, the festive season, Tihar Kathmandu was totally free of load shedding. the dirty game of commission now is playing different roles to remove him for his current post. Now in different parts of Kathmandy “Kulman Singh Ghising Bachau Abhiyan” is launched, which main target is to save him in the same post. People are arrested from Kathmandu from the rally. image source Facebook...Read More

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